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Pumpar alla gillar

När man tänker på vad som innebär med att ha en bra pump så kan man se till att verkligen vilja göra detta på det sättet som man annars inte hade gjort. Tro det eller ej men om man får igenom sin vilja så kan man också se till att verkligen kunna få fram eller kunna få till allt annat, vilket jag också känner när det kommer till miniature precision pumps. Jag tror hela tiden att det skall göra på ett bra sätt och då kan man se till att vilja och att göra det som man annars inte ...


I think that its too much to write in english... im so tired that i dont want to think what im writing. So i will write something like that: You both know that its you twowho are millenium. im a partner and youve always been fair with me and i love the magazine and all that, but you could easly replace me with some other art director. But since you asked for my opinion, there you have iit. As far as he is concerned, i agree with you. and if you want to fire him then i will do it ...

Very good valves

I do love what is really important and why not try to get ahead and feel the right thing about getting and having the feeling that is so important? I do believe that this should be done and that we should feel like getting into what is really worth feeling and this can do that we get what we need. So a miniature check valves can be the solution of many problems and that also makes us think about geting into what is really important, the components and their good solutions for getting into a better place too.